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Littleton Adult Conditioning Kickboxing Classes

Action Packed 800 Calorie Kickboxing Workout in Littleton ! Get Fit & Look Great!!

This high-energy program was designed for people with busy lives who want to get (or stay) in great shape without too much time or fuss.

There is no better way to drop excess pounds, get into incredible shape, and find that fun, sexy body you've always dreamed of with Adult Conditioning Kickboxing from People's Kenpo Karate. Forget about those boring gyms--the monotonous treadmills, the dangerous freeweights, the crowded equipment--and sign up for our exciting, high-energy Kickboxing classes.

Kick Your Way To A New You With Kickboxing Classes In Littleton!

Here you'll enjoy a FUN program that combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Muay Thai, and Kickboxing, to give you an exhilarating calorie-burning workout that builds muscles and melts away fat.

You'll build strength, endurance, muscle tone, and mental alertness in a fun and safe environment. Develop the courage, self discipline and self esteem to tackle anything life throws your way.

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